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Interdisciplinary Studies

Grades 11, 12

Course No. 961, 1/2 Year 1.00 Cr

Prerequisite: Transportation with required insurance Would you enjoy offering your time and talents to your community helping make a difference in peoples lives? Students have described Service Learning as: "The act of expanding your mind and thoughts, to be open to learning, absorbing willingness to take challenges with responsibility. Working to help people build knowledge and acquire self-esteem, to give a positive outlook and attitude to others. To commit yourself to teach and be taught, to take hold of new experiences." This semester long course will involve three days of hands on volunteering at a community site combined with two days in the classroom reflecting on project work, and studying the concept of service and it's impact on our society. The choice of a service learning site reflects your own personal goals and interests. Among the sites chosen by students in the past are: local elementary schools, the SPCA, Sexual Assault Support Services, the Senior Center, New Heights, Strawbery Banke, and Pro Portsmouth. While at your site you will be working closely with your site supervisor, developing relationships with employees there and exploring possible future careers. Course requirements include a portfolio of the work done at the community site, a field research paper, journal entries, classroom reading and writing assignments.


Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
Course No. 970, 1/4 Year .50 Cr

The purpose of this course is to assist students in attaining a greater knowledge of the process and importance of learning by allowing each student to assess his/her motivational and learning styles and address individual academic concerns. Students will be encouraged to become more engaged in their own education and to develop practices that enhance their educational experience in high school and beyond. A variety of strategies and techniques will be introduced intended to facilitate successful learning, including organization, studying, test-taking, listening, and reading skills. The concept that learning should be enjoyable and invigorating is a central theme of this course. THIS COURSE IS COMBINED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE STUDENT TO STAY CURRENT ON CLASSWORK AND ASSIGNMENTS.