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The English Department offers a strong coordinated program in reading and writing. In grades 9, 10, and 11, students work in a literature-intensive term and a writing-intensive term. Senior electives offer courses in writing, literary studies, language, and special topics.

The Department offers honors courses to freshman, sophomores, and juniors. Seniors who wish to do college work in high school may select Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition. Students are admitted to honors courses through an application process which includes past grade performance, teacher recommendation, student writing samples, and parental approval.

A list of suggested summer reading goes out to all students. The Department has also developed a four-year reading list based on recommendations of The National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Council of Teachers of English. Many of the titles selected for course reading come from this list.

Publication of student writing is encouraged through local and regional writing contests. Epitome magazine, our literary magazine, highlights student writing, art, and photography. Student editors take responsibility for selections, editing, layout, and design.

The Publications Center is the "heart" of production of the student newspaper, The Paper Clip and the PHS yearbook, The Clipper. Using the Center's computers and laser printer, students assume responsibility for all aspects of composition, copy editing, layout, and design.

Computer labs are available for writing instruction and student use.

The Faculty
Lisa McAllister - Department Head
Lynda Bettcher
Judy Butler
Dave Drukker
Sherrill Fawcett
Katherine Fitzpatrick
Patrick Ganz
Brendan Harrington, Literacy Specialist/English
Kyle Harrison
James Johnston
Joseph Kraus
Laura LaVallee
Lori Wilson