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TIPS FOR USING MyNutrikids Website   http://www.mynutrikids.com/ 

Registering for MyNutrikids.com

You must create a MyNutrikids account prior to viewing any meal plan activity. Here at www.MyNutriKids.com

You will need an e-mail, password and the school ID number of each child.
If you have forgotten your password, click on “forgot password?”.

You will receive an email within 15 minutes with your account information.
If you have more than one child, please enter individual deposits for each child. We are unable to process family payments at this time.

When making a deposit please be sure to click Pay Now.

You will see a “Transaction Complete” screen with a confirmation number. You may print a receipt if desired. Please note: Due to PayPal policy your payment may take up to 24 hours to be applied to your student's account. Please plan accordingly.

If you choose the option for e-Check Payment through a U.S. bank account, the payment is held for 3-4 business days.

IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO USE PAYPAL THROUGH MYNUTRIKIDS.COM, you will still be able to submit payment by sending in a check made payable to the Portsmouth School Nutrition Program. Please write your child's full name on the check.

If you have any questions about your students account you can call the Bookkeeper at each school.

PHS         Deb    431-4185
PMS        Melissa    431-4835
Little Harbour     Karen     431-4831
Dondero     Becky     431-5065
New Franklin    Don   436-8133

If you have any questions about these new services, please feel free to contact my office at 603-436-0443 or Donna Sulley at 610-4474

Best Regards,

Deborah Riso
School Nutrition Director