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The Little Harbour Teaching and Learning Team is a forum that facilitates educator-parent collaboration to support the success of each of our students. 

Working within a framework of shared decision making and consensus, the Little Harbour Teaching and Learning Team will:

  • Provide a forum to discuss: What curriculum is being taught? What is working and what is not? And how we might support teachers in creating strategies to challenge all students at Little Harbour School;
  • Clearly communicate to parents and our community the way students learn at Little Harbour School as well as the way we assess their learning;
  • Consistently review who we are and what we do (as well as what we will not do) as a Team and then clearly communicate that to others;
  • Develop strategies to improve the communication between parents and teachers in a systematic way; and,
  • Take a proactive leadership role during times of transition in the Little Harbour School community.

Community input is valued. Please feel free to contact any member of the T&L team, or attend one of our monthly meetings if you have any issues, thoughts, or concerns. Time is allotted to community input at the beginning of each meeting!