shed tarantula skin
shed skin of Mexican Redknee Tarantula
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Molting is when the tarantula sheds its old skin.

When the tarantula is about to molt, it won't be as active and the colors will look dull. The tarantula will stop feeding, so remove the crickets from the cage. When it molts, the tarantula will external linklie on its back. It will probably make a web like a cradle and lie in it.

The tarantula might put hairs in the web. These are called uricating hairs. They bother tender skin and eyes of animals. Tarantulas can flick these uricating hairs off their backs to defend themselves.

Your spider will be vulnerable when it is molting. That means it can be easily hurt. Even a little cricket could kill your spider by pestering it with bites.

skins shed by tarantulas

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