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View Live Penguins
red dotPenguin Cam in Montreal lets you to view live images of penguins. The Web cam is located at the Montreal Biodome in Montreal, Quebec and presented by Discovery Channel.
View black-footed penguins with the red dotPenguin Cam in Monterey at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, California. The mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation maintains a child-friendly site, whose mission is to inspire conservation of the oceans.
Cool Links for Children
This site showing thered dotKing Penguin, the most colorful penguin, is presented by Kratt’s Creatures from PBS. Here you can see a photograph of some king penguins and read some interesting facts.
Check this red dotSeaworld Penguin site for some quick facts about penguins.
Atred dotPenguins Around the World you can learn something about all 17 different species of penguins.
red dotWhale Times Fishin’ for Facts: Penguins lets young readers learn facts about penguins. Email any questions to Ask Jake, the SeaDog! They try to answer any questions within 7 days.
red dotAt this site you can see some excellent photos of penguins. Look in the collection for molting King penguins.
red dotView the striking shapes of icebergs in Antarctica. One phote clearly shows their incredible size.
Hot Links for Parents and Teachers
red dotThe Penguin Page, created by Kevin C. Welch, is a wealth of information and beautiful photographs about these unusual birds. There are detailed explanations for all six genera and the member species.
red dotPete and Barb's Penguin Pages tells about all 17 species of penguins, including those found in warmer regions of the world. They have included information, maps, and many photos.
red provides several links to sites providing more information about penguins.
Recommended Books About Antarctica and Penguins
At read a review ofred dotAntarctica: The Last Continent (National Geographic Destinations) by Kim Heacox and Antarctica by Mike Lewis . 
Both books are top rated with excellent photographs.
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Useful and Interesting Links

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