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Put together an Adéliered dotPenguin Puzzle created by You can change the level of difficulty and find more bird puzzles. Java must be available on your computer for this program to work. red dotGentoo and red dotRockhopper puzzles are at the site, too.

Test your skills winning a mate when you try tored dotBe a Penguin! at this site created by the New England Aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. Shockwave must be installed on your computer for this program to run. You can also view baby penguin pictures.

Have more fun with a game red dotcounting penguins. Do your best, then check the answer.

Have some fun making a red dotpapier-maché penguin. This site will give directions.

Visit to learn more about penguins. Here you will find the red dotemperor penguin and the red dotrockhopper penguin to color. There is lots of general information about red dotpenguins. too.