Glossary of Terms about Penguins

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red dotchick - baby penguin still covered with downy feathers
red dotcolony - large group of penguins living together
red dotcrèche - group of young penguins clustered together to stay warm and be protected from predators
red dotjuvenile - penguin old enough to start growing adult plumage and be able to be on its own as both its parents hunt for food for it
red dotkrill - small shrimp-like animals that are food for some penguins
red dotmolt/moult - process during which penguins feathers are shed and replaced by new feathers
red dotrookery - place where penguins 
red dotnest - special place penguins build for laying eggs and keepint them warm until they hatch
red dotskua - a bird of Antarctica which feeds on penguin eggs and young penguin chicks
red dottobogganing - when penguins move on land by sliding on their bellies
juvenile penguin
photo courtesy of Guillaume Dargaud

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