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The following fees and charges are found to be reasonable and appropriate and are recommended for adoptions.  The fees denoted with an asterisk have not changed, but are incorporated for convenience.

New Water+Fire Service | New Sewer Service | Inspections | Bacteria Tests | Call out charge


New Water+Fire Service

Owner must bill out an Application for Water Line, and pay the  Connection Fee and the Standard Deposit according to the following.

Size of Tap  Connection Fee

Standard Deposit         

3/4" & 1"  $100.00  $1,125.00
1 1/2" $110.00  $1,750.00
2"  $125.00   $2,250.00
4"  $205.00   $3,275.00
6"  $245.00 $3,500.00
8"  $285.00 $4,500.00
10"  $300.00  $5,000.00
12"    $335.00   $5,500.00

NOTE: The customer should be made thoroughly aware that the charge made for tapping a main will be the connection fee plus all costs associated with labor, materials and equipment.  The amount charged will be applied against the standard deposit.  If the cost exceed the deposit, then a bill will be rendered.  If the cost is less than the deposit then a refund will be issued.

New Sewer Service

 Owner must fill out a Sewer line application and pay the connection  fee according to the following schedule.

Non-Industrial** Industrial 
Permit   $100.00 Sewer Permit $100.00
Connection  $250.00 Ind. Permit $100.00
Total $350.00 Connection $250.00
    Total $450.00

The homeowner or the contractor should be made aware that the installation of pipe must be done by an insured drain layer
holding a Drain Layers Permit, ($25.00) issued by the city, and he must supply a current Certificate of Insurance. **The definition of Industrial user is an Industry that discharges5,000 gallons per day into the sewer system.


Water mains must pass bacteria tests done by Madbury before they are passed.  Water and Sewer service mains are to be inspected before they are backfilled.  Pressure test for water service must hold 100lb for 1 hour before they pass.

Bacteria Tests

        Testing and Sampling   $50.00

Call Out Charge

         Emergency Call out   $190.00



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