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Billing Office Hours: Monday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday through Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Friday 8:00am to 1:00 pm
Billing Office Location: City Hall Building, 1 Junkins Avenue, Room 304
Billing Office telephone number: (603) 610-7248 or 610-7237



Services provided by the department includes: changing or installing water meters and turning service on/off at property.

Maintenance Dept. Hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm, Monday through Friday
Maintenance Dept. Location: Public Works Building, 680 Peverly Hill Road
Maintenance Dept. telephone number: (603) 427-1552




The City bills all customers on a monthly billing cycle with readings obtained on the last day of each month.


The minimum meter service charge is for costs associated with making water service available to each customer and is based on the size of the meter located at the property. This charge is assessed to the water portion of your bill only. There is no minimum meter charge assessed to the sewer portion of the bill.


The City Council adopted on June 9, 2014 the Fiscal Year 2015 water and sewer rates. The Fiscal Year begins on July 1, 2014.

WATER RATES - There will be no increase in the water user rates.

Tier 1: First 10 units of water consumed will be billed at a rate of $4.15 per unit.

Tier 2: Consumption above 10 units of water will be billed at $5.00 per unit.

Irrigation Meters: All irrigation consumption will be billed at the Tier 2 rate of $5.00 per unit.

SEWER RATES - Rates are based on water consumption.

Effective for all consumption used after July 1, 2014, the sewer rates will increase as follows:

Tier 1: First 10 units of consumption will be billed at the rate of $11.21 per unit.

Tier 2: Consumption above 10 units will be billed at the rate of $12.34 per unit.






FY15 User Rates For Consumption Used Effective 7/1/14








Water Rates


Sewer Rates






First Tier Rate (10 units or less per month)










Second Tier Rate (units over 10 per month)










Irrigation Meter Rate (All units billed)
















An estimated bill is rendered when we are unable to read your meter, such as when the reading device has become dislodged. Your bill will indicate an estimated reading in the meter reading section of your bill. It is important for the City to obtain an actual reading as soon as possible. A corrected billing or issuance of credit will be applied to your account when an actual reading is obtained.


Your bill is payable upon receipt. You have 30 days from the date of the bill to pay your balance in full before a penalty will be imposed. Penalty per month of 1.5% will be added if not paid within 30 days of bill date. Your prompt payment is appreciated.

The City currently has five payment options available for water/sewer customers:

  1. Payments are accepted at the Tax Collector's Department.
  2. By mail, the City encloses a self-addressed envelope with each billing. To expedite your payment processing, please include the payment stub with your payment.
  3. Payments may be deposited in the white receptacle located in front of City Hall. To expedite your payment processing, please include the payment stub with your payment.
  4. Automatic electronic debit transfer from your checking or savings account. Please contact the Water/Sewer Billing office for additional information.
  5. Electronic payment using your checking account or a credit card. Only American Express, Discover Card, and MasterCard may be accepted for water and sewer bills. Please visit the City's website at

Final bills are generated at the request of property owners or their representative. In order to process the final bill request, the City must obtain a visual reading from the meter. The following guidelines have been established to process final bill requests: readings will be completed within 48 hours of the request, access inside the property is necessary between the hours of 8am - 3pm, and authorization by the owner to perform meter maintenance if required. No final readings will be scheduled on Wednesdays.

The Department will not be responsible if we are unable to process a final bill request due to a failure in following the above guidelines. There will be a final bill charge of $40.00 assessed to your account to perform the final bill process. Please contact the Water/Sewer Billing Office at (603) 610-7248 or (603) 610-7237 to schedule a final reading or if you need additional information.

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