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Water/Sewer Rate Studies

The purpose of the water/sewer rate structure studies is to stabilize utility revenues and to maintain a rate and fee structure that is fair and equitable. In order to assure that our customers are equitably charged the City periodically performs a comprehensive rate analysis. A detailed rate study was performed in 2006. This has subsequently been followed up with another rate study in 2013. The following documents are presentations made to the City Council and the public from these efforts. They provide background information on the Water and Sewer Division's Enterprise Fund finances, customer demographics, and rate recommendations.


May 18, 2016: Water and Sewer FY 2017 Budget Work-Session

May 6, 2015: Water and Sewer FY 2016 Budget Work-Session

March 19, 2014: Water Sewer Rate Public Input

April 16, 2013: Rate Study City Council Work Session

March 13, 2013: Rate Study Public Input Session

February 11, 2013: Rate Study City Council Work Session

December 4, 2012: Rate Study Public Meeting

Portsmouth April 3, 2006: Water Sewer Rate Presentation


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