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Portsmouth Recycling Center
Free Recycling Bins

It's easy to recycle in Portsmouth. Simply get your free recycling bin(s) and use it!

Residents may pick up a free recycling bin, at the Department of Public Works, 680 Peverly Hill Rd, Portsmouth, M-F 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. .

When you have your bins, use them every week!

Take your bin out to the curb for pick-up on your scheduled curbside collection day.

Residents are encouraged to take more than one bin if they find it necessary or more convenient for all the material they recycle. Certainly you won't need a large trash barrel!

Landlords or multi-unit housing that prefer to consolidate recyclable containers into one large container may purchase their own bins from a private vendor. Privately purchased bins must be:
  • Kelly green or royal blue;
  • Factory stamped recycle symbol on the container
  • Container shall not exceed 32 US gallons
  • Container, when full, shall not weigh more than 50 pounds
Remember, with single stream recycling, it's easier than ever to recycle.  No more sorting glass, plastics, tin & aluminum separate from paper and cardboard.  Its "All Together Now!"

For more details on what to recycle [click here ]


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