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Project #3: Lincoln Area Sewer Separation Contract 3C:
Project Description: This project is part of the City's on-going Combined Sewer Overflow-Long Term Control Plan. The project will include water, sewer, drainage and streetscape modifications on Park Street from Middle Street to Orchard Street; Wibird Street from Middle Street to South Street; Union Street from Middle Street to South Street; Richards Avenue from Lincoln Avenue to South Street; South Street from Wibird to Union Street; Chauncey Street; and Hawthorne Street to separate sewer lines. This project is required as part of an EPA Administrative Order and is part of The City's comprehensive efforts to correct problem areas.

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Project Manager: Terry Desmarais 766-1421
Start Date: Spring 2013
Estimated Time of Completion: Fall 2014
Estimated Cost: $5 Million
Funding Source: Sewer and Water System Revenues
Contractor: Albanese Brothers, Inc., Dracut, MA