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Prescott Park Memorial Policy

Adopted by the Trustees of Trust Funds, May 24, 2007

Revised; September 3, 2009

Whereas the Trustees of Trust Funds on behalf of the City of Portsmouth hold and administer certain funds
whose purpose is to provide a funding source for enhancements, betterments, beautifications and general
preservation of Prescott Park, and

Whereas it is the desire of the Trustees of Trust Funds to preserve the beauty and special nature of Prescott
Park in a manner and intent described by the last will and testaments of Josie Prescott and the Prescott
Trust, and

Whereas it is the desire of the Trustees of Trust Funds to administer these funds in a manner that is
acceptable to the City of Portsmouth, in agreement with the provisions of the Prescott Park Trust, and with
the provisions of the Prescott Park Memorial Fund on a consistent manner over time, and

Whereas the Trustee of Trust Funds are required to approve all improvements or changes to Prescott Park,

The following Prescott Park Memorial Policy shall be placed into effect and applied as a condition
Trustees’ approval of all memorials and improvements placed in Prescott Park.


Policy Provisions for all Prescott Park Memorials:

General Provisions:

  1. All memorials shall be subject to City Ordinance or City policy.
  2. All memorials shall be in accordance with provisions of the Prescott Park Trust
  3. All memorials shall be provided through and subject to the terms and conditions of the Prescott Park Memorial Fund.
  4. All memorials shall require the acceptance and approval of the Trustees of Trust Funds.


Specific Provisions:

  1. Amounts donated of less than $500 or without specific recognition request may be used for general Prescott Park improvements and Park upkeep.
  2. Amounts donated of $500 or more may be used for individual recognition or memorial as follows:
    1. Amounts donated of $500 or more may be recognized by an appropriate plaque placed for public viewing on the “Prescott Park Memorial Plaque” located in Prescott Park and designated for this purpose.
    2. Amounts donated of $3,000 or more may be recognized by an appropriate inscription on one of the remaining granite benches
    3. In the event that a new bench is requested and approved by the Trustees, the amount donated shall be at least $3,000 plus all costs of bench materials and installation.
  3. Benches shall be lettered on only one side and shall have lettering and inscriptions consistent with those currently existing. A family may request two-name recognitions, one on each side, provided a second $3,000 donation is received.
  4. All name recognition plaques, signs, inscriptions and/or lettering shall be limited to the specific name and dates, consistent with previous recognitions, and approved by the Trustees.
  5. All other memorial objects and improvements shall be individually reviewed by the Trustees for appropriateness and consistency with the standards of Prescott Park and Portsmouth community public parks.
  6. Donated memorial objects shall be subject to all General Provisions of this policy.



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