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Alcohol Compliance Checks

Date of Release: 11-18-05

As part of their on-going effort to educate the public and business owners on the importance of safety when dealing with alcohol and youth, the Portsmouth Police the Portsmouth Police Department conducted compliance check initiative on 11-17-05.

Compliance checks use18 and 19 year old volunteers to assess how careful businesses licensed to sell alcohol scrutinize patrons that appear underage.

Of the 29 bars and restaurants that were checked, 26 properly declined to serve the volunteers. Those employees were awarded a souvenir tee shirt encouraging vigilance.

The three employees that served alcohol were charged with Prohibits Sales, a class A misdemeanor. The reports will also be provided to the NH Liquor Commission who may impose administrative penalties against the business.

The following establishments properly refused to sell alcohol:
Coat of Arms
Muddy River
Brewery Lane
Rusty Hammer
Portsmouth Brewery
Fat Belly's
Stock Pot
Spring Hill Tavern
State St. Saloon
Chamgmai Thai
Tequilla Jack's
Press Room
Jack Quigley's
Molly Malone's
Daniel St. Tavern
Bob's Broiled Chicken
Friendly Toast
Flat Bread

The following businesses did serve and their employees were charged:

Gaslight Michael McGuane
Thai Paradise Spitrai Suwanee
Cafe Mirabelle Jocelyn Toffic

Prepared by Det. Sgt. Mike Schwartz, Family Services Division


 Emergency Dial 911, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Tel: (603) 427-1500