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Reference: Specialized Drug Training

Date of Release: August 17, 2005

Recently the Portsmouth Police Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Unit sent two of its officers to the 11th Annual International Association of Chief’s of Police (IACP) Drug Training Conference in Washington, D.C.

DRE Instructor Ofc. Corey MacDonald and DRE Ofc. Aaron Stacy attended the conference. Both officers received detailed instruction in detecting and apprehending drivers who are under the influence of Methadone, a commonly prescribed drug for Heroin withdrawal. Methadone is most commonly administered at clinics specifically designed for assisting those who wish to combat their Heroin addiction.

Both officers also attended training regarding people who drive under the influence of Benzodiazepines, a family of drugs used primarily for the control of stress and anxiety and to treat seizures and alcohol withdrawal. Some of the more commonly prescribed Benzondiazepines are Valium, Zoloft, Lexapro, Paxil, and Xanax.

Portsmouth has three Drug Recognition Experts and one Drug Recognition Expert Instructor. The officers have been specially trained and certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the IACP as DRE’s. The DRE officers are considered experts at determining if a person is under the influence of a drug, and if so what drug category they are under. The Portsmouth Police maintain a zero tolerance policy against drunk drivers whether drugs or alcohol causes their impairment.

The conference and travel expenses were made possible by a private grant from the Fuller Foundation Inc. For further information on the Drug Recognition Expert Unit please contact the Program Coordinator Lt. Fred Hoysradt at (603) 610-7628.


 Emergency Dial 911, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Tel: (603) 427-1500