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Can ID Program

The Portsmouth Police Cadets are once again offering Portsmouth residents assistance in dealing with the problem of speeding (& stop sign violations) through this highly effective program.

What is Police CAN ID?

Think there’s a problem with speeders or drivers running stop signs in your residential neighborhood? Want to get involved and do something about it? Interested community residents are urged to contact the Portsmouth Post Advisor and schedule a team of Police Cadets to join you in your neighborhood to identify violators.  The cadets will come armed with a log book and a handheld radar capable of recording the speed of vehicles.  The expectation is that you and any other interested residents will team up with the cadets at the agreed location and monitor motor vehicle violations.

The follow through:

Motor vehicle violations observed by the cadets will be addressed in the following manner:  The registered owner of the vehicle involved will be issued a “Letter of Warning” by the Portsmouth Police Department.  This letter will inform the registered owner of the vehicle in question when and where the motor vehicle infraction occurred and ask for his/her voluntary compliance with traffic laws to ensure the safety of residents of Portsmouth.  It will also warn that future violations could result in formal action by the Police Department.


We invite all interested neighborhood residents to join the Portsmouth Police Cadets in this collaborative effort to address motor vehicle violations in your neighborhoods.
Please contact Post Advisor Detective Robert Munson at 603-610-7506 if you wish to participate.