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The Portsmouth Middle School Joint Building Committee is committed to minimizing the disruption to the Portsmouth Middle School academic program during the renovation and expansion project.

The School Board has adopted a “phasing” plan for students, faculty and staff that maintains instructional time, the PMS curriculum, and also a supportive environment from groundbreaking until completion. High priorities are safe access, minimizing noise and ensuring air quality.



Phase 1 (Spring 2011-Summer 2012) Construction of the new wing: Students, faculty and staff remain in the current building. Constrution barriers protect students and staff from the work area. Over the summer, Grades 7 & 8, media center, health and physical education classes move into new space
Phase 2 (Fall 2012-February 2013) Renovation of the 1930s building: Programming maintained using the new wing, 1970s wing and old gym. Grade 6 remains in the 1970s wing, Unified Arts classes temporarily move into the current gym, with a makeshift cafeteria constructed in the remaining space. Construction barriers protect students and staff from the work area
Phase 3 (March 2013-Summer 2013) Demolish 1970s wing and old gym/cafeteria to build new Student Commons Area. All three grades in permanent new spaces in the new wing and renovated. 1930s building. Construction barriers protect students and staff from the work area.
Completion (by School Year 2013) New wing, renovated 1930s building and Student Commons Area in use!

Connecting the past with the future…