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Portsmouth Master Plan 2003


Portsmouth has initiated a community effort to update the City's Master Plan. Community master plans, developed under the authority of the Planning Board and outlined by state statute, serve as important policy guides for many NH municipalities. Master Plans describe what the community is today, as well as what it wants to be in the future.
In Portsmouth, the Master Plan will be a key policy document for community leaders to use in making well-informed decisions about many vital local issues ranging from future development, open space protection and affordable housing, to transportation and community facility infrastructure needs.
This portion of the City's web site is devoted to providing you with progress updates, information on how and when you can get involved, offering you informational resources, and the opportunity to review draft documents as they are developed. The site contains the following sections:
  • Documents. Draft sections of the Master Plan, including maps and text, will be posted for review on this portion of the site.
  • Resource Materials. This portion of the website contains documents used in the Master Plan consultant selection process, as well as various City documents that will be used in the development of the City Master Plan.
  • Schedule. The schedule for the development of the Master Plan is posted here.
  • News. Press releases and memos to various boards regarding the progress of the Master Plan will be posted here.
  • Related Links. This portion of the site provides links to other related sites where you can learn about such topics as planning and smart growth, or access U.S. Census and other data.
  • Meeting Announcements. There will be many avenues for providing input to the Master Planning process including neighborhood meetings, public hearings and a public opinion survey. Announcements of times, dates and locations will be posted here.
Development of the new Master Plan is expected to be a two-year process, with many opportunities for residents, businesses, local organizations, and other key stakeholders to provide their input. Portsmouth Listens is a cornerstone of this effort. Portsmouth Listens is a group of committed local citizens working in conjunction with the City of Portsmouth, the City's neighborhoods, and the Chamber of Commerce to develop an effective, inclusive approach to involving residents in the development of the new City Master Plan. To learn about meeting opportunities available through the Portsmouth Listens initiative please visit

City Staff Master Plan Committee
  • David Holden, Planning Director, Co-Chair
  • Cindy Hayden, Community Development Director, Co-Chair
  • Keith Bates, Welfare Director
  • Peter Britz, Environmental Planner
  • John Burke, City Parking & Transportation Director
  • Nancy Carmer, Economic Development Program Manager
  • Steve Parkinson, Director of Public Works
  • Peter Rice, City Engineer, Water & Sewer Divisions
  • Representatives of School, Police & Fire Departments, as needed
  • Representatives of non-Municipal agencies (including PDA, PHA, Chamber, etc), as needed