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Library Hours
Monday-Thursday  9 - 9
Friday  9 - 5:30
Saturday  9 - 5
Sun. (Sept-May)  1 - 5
Sun. (June-Aug) Closed
Holiday Hours
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  1. Come to use the library.
    · Read
    · Do homework
    · Play a board game
    · Use a computer
    · Enjoy library activities/programs

  2. Keep your belongings with you at all times. Like back packs, cell phones, etc.
  3. Use the café appropriately. Clean up after yourself. Pay for your drinks. Use a reasonable amount of cream and
  4.        sugar in your hot drinks.  Eat and drink in the café only.
  5. Share the space with respect for others who are using the library. Keep your voice low.
  6. Use computers one person at a time and not longer than the amount of time permitted.
  7. Use the building, its furnishings and equipment properly.
  8. The vending machines for hot and cold drinks require exact change, either $1.00 or $1.25
  9. Follow the posted library rules.  A librarian will ask you to leave the library if you disregard the library rules. Be sure you have a backup plan with your parents if that should happen.



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