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Bricks and Mortar Projects:
Public facility projects, commonly known as Bricks and Mortar Projects, include improvements to eligible streets, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds and public buildings.

City neighborhoods where Bricks and Mortar Projects can be carried out are those in which over 51% of the residents earn low or moderate incomes. U.S. Census Bureau data is used to define eligible neighborhoods. Census data is issued every ten years for the City as a whole, and for smaller geographic areas within the City called census tracts and census block groups. Past neighborhood projects include the:
  • Atlantic Heights Streetscape Project - Substantial streetscape improvements, which included new concrete sidewalks, granite curbing, street paving and the planting of new street trees were carried out in the Atlantic Heights neighborhood on Kearsarge Way, Saratoga Way, Falkland Place and a portion of Ranger Way.

  • Goodwin Park Improvement Project - Extensive improvements including landscaping, the installation of new lighting, benches and walkways, and the conservation of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument were completed at this park in the Cabot Street/MaDonough Street neighborhood.
CDBG funds can also be used for Bricks and Mortar Projects which benefit low and moderate income residents in other ways. For example:
  • Seybolt Building Renovation Project - Extensive improvements were carried out at the City-owned Seybolt Building adjacent to City Hall, which houses seven non-profit agencies serving low and moderate income residents. Improvements included replacement of all windows, installation of a new HVAC system, elevator replacement and electrical upgrades.

  • Cottage Hospital Senior Housing Project - The long vacant, City-owned, Cottage Hospital located adjacent to City Hall, will be redeveloped by the Portsmouth Housing Authority into 20 units of affordable senior housing. In addition to CDBG dollars, funding for this $3 million redevelopment project includes federal HOME funds, a Federal Home Loan Bank grant and equity provided from the sale of low income housing tax credits and federal historic tax credits.
For More Information:
  • Call David Moore, Community Development Director, Tel: (603) 610 7226.