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CDBG Budget - Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), first convened in 1975, is the advisory board and official citizen participation body for the Consolidated Plan and the CDBG Program. The CAC has the following responsibilities:
  1. To advise the Community Development staff on emerging community development needs.
  2. To facilitate the involvement and participation of Portsmouth residents in the CDBG program development process.
  3. To hold public forums and hearings on the proposed Consolidated Plan, Annual Action Plan and CDBG program activities.
  4. To formulate and recommend to the City Manager a proposed Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan with CDBG program activities targeted to meet community needs.
CAC Current Members

Nancy Emerson, Chairperson
Dani Rooney, Vice Chairperson
Lynne Langley
Connie Carmody
Alison Hamilton
Judy Bunnell