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Clouds by Carl Wozniak
This site explains the process of initial cloud formation, and identifies cloud types with photos of each. There are many cloud pictures to view.

Cloud Boutique by PSC Meteorology Program
This site shows examples of cloud types. You will see the three basic cloud types and many variations. Each type of cloud is described.

Observing Clouds by Kathee Terry of Athena
This site is well suited for children. It is part of a unit of weather study designed for elementary children. Three basic cloud types are described and shown in photos.

In the Clouds Photography by Gregory Thompson
Here you will find photographs of clouds, and more clouds, with links to pages with pictures of thunderstormstornadoes, and lightning. The photographs are beautiful! You can click on any picture to see a larger image of it.

Cool Clouds for Kids of All Ages by Richard Carlson
Enjoy a slide show of clouds. You can look for pictures 
in the clouds as the photographer does.