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Reference: Officer Corey MacDonald - NH Police Standards and Training Council Award for Outstanding Performance

Date of Release: June 26, 2005

Officer Corey MacDonald received an award on June 24th for outstanding performance. The presentation took place at the annual NH Police Standards and Training Council (NHPSTC)'s "Proactive Law Enforcement Luncheon, in Lincoln, NH.

On May 7th, 2004 at approx. 3:00pm, Officer MacDonald was conducting volunteer work/errands for the Police Explorers and driving a marked cruiser. At this time he was driving past Store 24 and observed a Red Honda parked in the lot with a broken driver's side window. Upon investigating this, he noticed the person behind the driver's seat was unconscious.

Officer MacDonald was able to awaken the male occupant, who was very nervous, sweating and had an unhealthy pale look to his face. Officer MacDonald is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Instructor and upon asking the man if he was OK, noticed that the man's pupils were extremely constricted. The man did not reply to MacDonald's questioning and his eyes appeared to have a "droopy" appearance. Officer MacDonald continued to look for signs of foul play or a cause of injury and recognized a syringe on the floor of the car floor between the man's feet.

Officer MacDonald asked the man if he could get up and step from the car and if he could produce anything with his name on it. The man would not answer to questioning of what his name was. The man produced an Alabama Prison Identification card and stated that he was "just taking a nap" and the syringe was for "insulin" injections. Officer MacDonald further observed "track marks" on the man's exposed arms, some marks appearing fresh and some older. After the man could not produce any proof of diabetes or insulin for that matter, the man admitted that was a heroin user but that he had not used "in 3 days".

Closer examination of the syringe showed it to have what Officer MacDonald believed to be Heroin residual inside and the man was arrested. Pursuant to Department Policy, Officer MacDonald began an inventory search of the car and upon inspection of the trunk discovered a clear glass jar with a milky powdery substance inside, rubber tubing and other materials that based upon his drug training, he recognized to be a METHAMPHETAMINE manufacturing lab. The inventory search ceased and the Fire Department and Street Supervisor were immediately notified. A local Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA) was also notified and he responded to confirm that this was indeed a portable Methamphetamine manufacturing lab.

As a result of this investigation and Miranda waiver, Officer MacDonald was able to determine that the car had been stolen and the man was subsequently charged with multiple felonies, including the manufacturing of methamphetamine, felon in possession of a dangerous weapon-2 counts, receiving stolen property, and habitual offender.

Along with being a certified Drug Recognition Expert, Officer MacDonald is one of the department's leading producers of drunk driving arrests; a Field Training Officer; coordinated the Police Explorer unit for many years and is a recent graduate of Law School.

Contact Deputy Chief Young at 610-7402, for additional information. return

 Emergency Dial 911, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Tel: (603) 427-1500