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Full-Time Portsmouth Police Public Safety Dispatcher Recruitment

  Upcoming Testing Dates  /  Minimum Qualifications
Application Process  / Additional Phases of the Selection Process   / Salary/Benefits  / Summary of Duties-ResponsibilitiesContact Us

Mission Statement

The personnel of the Emergency Communications Center will strive to deliver the highest level of services to the public while serving as the critical link between the citizen and the public safety agencies that we serve.  We will greet those who call us for assistance with courtesy and compassion, never forgetting that citizens are often under stress and in dire need of our assistance.

We will deploy and utilize the most advanced technology, procedures, and training methods; never resting on our laurels or allowing ourselves to become complacent where public safety is concerned.

We will provide timely and accurate emergency telecommunications services to our Police, Fire, EMS, and Public Works units. We will efficiently collect and disseminate information needed to protect the public safety as well as the safety of the responding public safety units.

We will provide superior dispatch and communications services in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

Upcoming Testing Dates:

No Dates At This Time.
Dates will be posted when they become available.



Portsmouth Police Dept.
3 Junkins Ave.
Portsmouth, NH 03801

*The Portsmouth Police Department accepts resumes and cover letters for public safety dispatcher at any time.

Minimum Qualifications

Education / Experience:
  1. Must be 21 years of age prior to receiving a conditional offer of employment
  2. Must have a High School diploma or GED equivalent
  3. Must have no criminal record
  4. Prior public safety dispatch experience is preferred but not necessary

Application Process


The Portsmouth, NH Police and Fire Department's Emergency Communications Center is now seeking applicants for the position of PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER.  Salary range is from: $39,333.18 - $52,117.38, plus an excellent benefits package. Applicants for this position must be 21 years of age; have a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency; have no criminal record, pass testing and a background investigation.  Prior public safety dispatch experience preferred but not necessary.  Interested individuals should send a resume and cover letter to Ms. Terry Nichols, Personnel & Training, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801 by Monday, December 2nd.



Portsmouth Police Department
Personnel & Training Division
Attn: Terry Barrett
3 Junkins Ave.
Portsmouth NH, 03801

For additional information please contact Lt. Michael Maloney at 603-610-7546 or via e-mail at MMaloney@cityofportsmouth.com

Additional Phases of the Selection Process

Those applicants who are chosen from the resumes and cover letters that have been submitted to the Portsmouth Police Department will be invited to the written test portion of the hiring process.  Those applicants who successfully complete this phase of the hiring process will be further invited to participate in a formal oral board interview.

From this point, all applicants are evaluated, scored and placed on a final eligibility list.  A background investigation of listed applicants will commence shortly afterwards depending on the number of dispatchers the Portsmouth Police Department is hiring at the time.

If an applicant successfully completes the background portion of the hiring process, a conditional offer of employment will be extended.  This will be followed by a polygraph examination, psychological evaluation and medical exam. It is required that the applicant successfully complete each portion listed above.  The final step of the hiring process will be a required interview conducted by the Chief and Deputy Chief of Police of the Portsmouth Police Department.

Salary / Benefits

The starting salary of an entry level public safety dispatcher with the Portsmouth Police Department is $35,658.57 and ranges to $49,468.91 for Lead Dispatcher.

Benefits for full-time public safety dispatchers include the following:

- Life Insurance
- Health Insurance
- Prescription Drug Plan
- Dental Insurance
- New Hampshire Retirement System (Group I)
- Annual Vacation
- Sick Leave,
- Funeral Leave
- Personal Days
- Deferred Compensation Plans
- Employee Assistance Plan
- Police Relief Association
- In-House Fitness Room
- Educational Assistance
- Shift Differential
- Clothing Allowance

The Portsmouth Police Department offers full-time Public Safety Dispatchers the ability to apply for Lead Dispatcher as well.  Full-time Public Safety Dispatchers also have the ability to apply to become a Tactical Dispatcher with the Seacoast Emergency Response Team (SERT).  Both positions require a Public Safety Dispatcher to have a pre-determined amount of years of experience with the Portsmouth Police Department.

Summary of Duties and Responsibilities (included but not limited to)

  • Receive, transmit, and respond, in an appropriate and timely fashion, to information of a routine and an emergency nature by telephone, radio, oral or written reports or complaints, etc.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of the location and layout of streets, buildings, public areas, housing complexes, businesses, and hazardous materials storage areas and other significant areas of the community.
  • Work as a team member, or independently, during incidents of uncertain duration
  • Perform complex tasks and render aid to the public and public safety personnel in routine and emergency situations.
  • Monitor and assist in the maintenance of, the safety of and the well-being of all public safety personnel on duty in the community.

Contact Us

Portsmouth Police Department
Personnel & Training Division
3 Junkins Ave.
Portsmouth NH, 03801
Phone: (603) 610-7428
Fax:     (603)-610-7600
e-mail: barrettt@cityofportsmouth.com



 Emergency Dial 911, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Tel: (603) 427-1500