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Helicopter Noise Concerns

In response to various inquiries and concerns regarding helicopter noise, the City has prepared this webpage to provide helpful contact information and resources related to helicopter noise.

The City encourages residents who have issues with helicopter noise to contact the Pease Noise Complaint Hotline at 603-436-6333. The complaint hotline is currently the best resource available to residents and will assist the Pease Development Authority (PDA) which has authority in addressing problem areas with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA's Flight Service District Office handles complaints about pilot performance, aircraft flights, and aircraft registrations among other things. Residents with aircraft issues should contact the FAA Complaint Hotline at 207-780-3263.

The City also encourages residents who are reporting complaints to collect details about the specific occurrence including date, time of day, aircraft color, flight character and tail number. This will be helpful to investigations conducted by Pease or by the FAA.

Meanwhile, the City will continue, as always, to work with residents to address noise concerns within the City.


Pease Noise Complaint Hotline: (603) 436-6333

Noise Complaint Web Form: http://www.peasedev.org/contactus-noisecomplaints.php

General Contact Information: http://www.peasedev.org/contactus-facilities.html

FAA Flight Service District Office Complaint Hotline: 207-780-3263

FAA Noise Issue FAQ:

FAA Aircraft Noise Concern Contact Instructions: